Photo Taken by Stuart Gregory 2014

Photo by Stuart Gregory

As well as being an accomplished author  Denis Bond
has written many television programmes for children.

These include :

hartley hare


Pipkins (originally Inigo Pipkin) was a British children's TV programme. Hartley Hare, Pig, Topov and the gang were the stars of ATV's pre-school series which ran from
 January 1973 to 29 December 1981.

Pipkins was one of the first children's programmes on British TV where the characters had regional accents (Pig had a Black Country accent while Topov the monkey was a Cockney).

The rainbow gang.jpg


Rainbow was a British children's television series which ran twice weekly at 12:10 on Tuesdays and Fridays on the ITV network, from 16 October 1972 to 

6 March 1992. It was intended to develop language and number skills for 

pre-school children, and went on to win the Society of Film and Television Arts Award for Best Children's Programme in 1975.


munch bunch 1.jpg

The Munch Bunch

The Munch Bunch is the title of a series of children's books, written by British author Denis Bond (under the pen name Giles Reed) and illustrated by Angela Mitson,  The Munch Bunch are a group of unwanted vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts who were swept to the corner of a shop but ran away together and set up home in and around an old, forgotten garden shed.

lets pretend

Let's Pretend

Let's Pretend was a 1980s children's television series aimed at preschool ages.
It was shown across the ITV Network at 12.10pm on Tuesdays, replacing the popular Pipkins which had been cancelled at the end of 1981.

picme1 picture.jpg


 Picme an animated educational series written for the Irish broadcasters RTE,
was nomiminated for a BAFTA.

On radio, Denis was responsible for the popular children's programme

He also wrote and presented the six one-hour home education videos :