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 One organisation, The Vulcan Operating Company, has succeeded in clearing all the formidable hurdles required to return a Vulcan to airworthy condition. Their Vulcan, XH558 will be returning to the UK air show circuit in the 2008 season.


The Vulcan Operating Company

The Vulcan operating company was created to ensure Vulcan XH558 returns to the sky. Over the last decade XH558 has been resting in a hanger close to Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire. Sufficient funding (over 2.5 million) has been secured and CAA clearance has now been given to allow XH558 to return to where she belongs, in the air.


Click here to visit the 
Vulcan Operating Company web site.



The Vulcan Restoration Trust

The Vulcan Restoration Trust (VRT) owns Vulcan XL426. She is located on the perimeter of Southend Airport. The trust has owned her since 1993, and has initiated a restoration and repair programme utilizing help from both professional engineers and keen volunteers.

All monies raised through the VRT go towards maintaining XL426. Annual membership is currently 20 (Europe 24, rest of world 25) per year. Members privileges include access to the cockpit of XL426, Trust meetings, visits to other airbases, talks & slide shows from Vulcan related experts and Christmas lunch at Southend. As well as this, members receive a copy of "Vulcan News", the magazine of the VRT which is printed three times a year. This contains articles and progress reports on XL426 as well as memoirs of other Vulcan enthusiasts.

The VRT have worked very hard on restoring and preserving their Vulcan. They have been able to taxi her (both at low and high speeds) along the runway. 

Currently the VRT are attempting to raise enough money to construct a visitor centre at Southend airport.  It is hoped that the centre will also be able to provide visitors with information about XL426, and allow the public to observe the work in progress. Obviously, this is a major undertaking, and all donations, be they of money or expertise, would be greatly appreciated. Watch this space for future developments....

After visiting my Vulcan tribute pages why not look at the official Vulcan Restoration Trust pages? Click below to access them.

Click here to visit the 
official VRT web site

The Vulcan Restoration Trust can be contacted at :

Vulcan Restoration Trust
PO Box 368
United Kingdom



655 Maintenance and
 Preservation Society


The 655 Maintenance and Preservation Society (MaPS) is dedicated to keeping Vulcan B2 XM655 in working order. Like the VRT,  MaPS have no plans to return their aircraft to the skies. Instead they hope to preserve her, and make the occasional taxi run.

The aim of the 655 MaPS Support Group is to promote Vulcan XM655, and assist with its upkeep. All money raised through the Support Group will be used solely for the maintenance, preservation and promotion of Vulcan XM655.

Of the 136 Vulcans built only 15 now remain intact in the UK. XM655 is the youngest survivor, and one of only three which are still capable of ground running and fast taxi runs, and of these, the only Vulcan to be powered by the more powerful Olympus 301 engines.

The engineering team are at Wellesbourne on most Saturdays to work on the aircraft. Visitors are welcome to come along; have a look around, take pictures, take a look in the cockpit and have a chat with the volunteers. All that is required is a small donation, as this is the only income the aircraft has.

Wellesbourne Mountford airfield is located near the village of Wellesbourne, which is east of Stratford-upon-Avon, and south of Warwick.

To contact the club please write to :

655 MaPS,
C/O 33 Fairford Close,
Church Hill North,
B98 9LU
United Kingdom

Click here to visit the 
official XM655 web site.

It is advisable to visit each of the above web sites to ensure all the membership details are correct. I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions regarding membership fees to the above organisations.



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